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Welcome to UCSF!

We are thrilled that you have decided to continue your career at UCSF. To aid your transition, we have created a comprehensive onboarding processThis process is specifically aimed at new faculty including junior faculty at the Assistant Professor rank as well as new faculty entering at the Associate Professor rank.

Required Workshops

As a new Department of Surgery (DoS) faculty member, you are required to enroll in the following workshops and complete the training: 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Champion Training (Virtual Training)

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Leadership Training

Coming soon

School of Medicine (SOM) Advancement Workshop

You will receive an email as soon as the training is available (typically in September of each year).

UCSF Health Communication Workshop (Virtual Training)

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Onboarding Process

The onboarding process includes of a series of meetings and faculty leadership within the Department of Surgery as well as individuals who manage specialized areas.

Meeting with the Vice Chair

All new faculty members at the Assistant and Associate Professor rank will be scheduled for a required meeting with Dr. Emily Finlayson, Vice Chair for Faculty Affairs and Development, within the first 90 days of their appointments, to develop a formal mentoring program. Please review the links below describing mentoring at UCSF.


You will be scheduled to meet with the department’s Vice Chair for Research, Dr. Sandy Feng. She will go over available resources and funding opportunities and help you formulate a plan to start and/ or continue your research. Click here to explore the Research Portal. 


You will be scheduled to meet with the department’s Vice Chair for Education, Dr. Adnan Alseidi. He will work collaboratively with you to strengthen the Department’s educational enterprise, including our residencies, fellowships, the Surgical Skills Center, and medical student clerkships and integration into the pre-clinical years. 

Surgery Finance Orientation

You will be scheduled to meet with the department’s Associate Chair of Finance and Administration, Mike Panion. He will review key components of the compensation plan including the incentive plan, outside professional income, and faculty allocation funds. 

Website and Digital Profile

Richard Barg, JD, MBA, Director of Digital Strategy and Web Development for the DoS, reaches out to all new faculty members two weeks to a month before their official start date to:

  • Work with you to develop an engaging surgery profile (e.g. Dr. Johannes Kratz).
  • Facilitate the creation of your clinical profile (e.g. Dr. Eric Nakakura).
  • Discuss how to develop and maintain your research profile at UCSF Profiles (e.g. Dr. Lucy Kornblith). Think of this as your UCSF-sanctioned LinkedIn page, focused on your research. Information there also populates certain fields in your Department of Surgery biography.
  • Discuss how to promote your career and accomplishments through DoS new stories. 
  • Discuss how you can develop and enhance a robust online presence using training and resources  for social media. 


Philanthropic Development

Ali Dorris

You will be scheduled to meet with the your division’s development director to help you formulate a strategy to promote your research and clinical development by working with supporters to encourage philanthropic giving. For more information, visit: Giving to UCSF

Writing and Scientific Publications 

You will be scheduled to meet to meet with Pamela Derish, MA. Pamela is the Scientific Publications Office Manager for the Department of Surgery. She teaches a writing course on how to organize and develop ideas into logical and persuasive scientific writing for grant proposals or research papers. She also offers editorial services for grants and manuscripts. Emai:

PPT and Lecture Presentation

This is a recent presentation by Dr. Emily Finlayson at Department of Surgery Grand Rounds on 1/29/2020 .

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