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Effective Use of Social Media

To some, social media may not seem like an obvious tool for scientists and researchers as it's often seen as a personal channel to post photos, stay in touch with friends and family, etc. However, its already having a major impact on researchers' work, as noted in a recent article in Elsevier:

It can be used to tracked research related to a scientist's work, used to maintain networks of collaborators and peer experts, and support an investigator's research impact, career advancement and funding.' And even for scientists not interested in having an online presence, social media can still be used to learn, listen and amplify science and research to a larger audience.

Why Use Social Media in Academic Surgery

Building Your Digital Presence as a Surgeon

The Academic Tweet: Twitter As a Tool To Advance Academic Surgery

Best Practices for Surgeons’ Social Media Use

Social Media Training

UCSF provides social media training for members of the UCSF community through the Clinical & Translational Science Institute (CTSI). CTSI provides infrastructure, services and training to enable research to be conducted more efficiently and effectively. 

Visit the CTSI Social Media Bootcamp Page

How to Use Hashtags

Leveraging Hashtags in Academic Surgery

How to Use Hashtags: How Many, Best Ones, and Where to Use Them

DoS Twitter Feeds

Below are links to the Twitter pages of members of the Department who have extensive social media followings:

@TraumaDocSF - Dr. Andre Campbell

@EndoSurgSF - Dr. Quan Duh

@Jasosamd - Dr. Julie Ann Sosa

@KickAsana - Dr. Marissa Boeck

@EnhancerLeo - Dr. Leonardo Ferreira

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